Map Visualization

Partition and Caching Mechanism for GML Visualization on Mobile Device

Jul. 2008. By Young-Sik Jeong

Keyword: GIS, GML, Map Visualization, Caching Algorithm, Adaptive mad partition mechanism

Figure 1. Overall system architecture.

This research develops GridGML for efficiently supplying a GML and visualizing the map with partitioning map and caching method to a mobile device. In order to overcome the weighting of a file, which is the biggest weakness of a GML, GridGML extracts only the most necessary parts for the visualization of the map among GML attributes, and makes the file light as a class instance by applying an offset value. GridGML manages a partition based on the visualization area of a mobile device to visualize the map to a mobile device in real time, and transmits the partition area by serializing it for the benefit of transmission. Also, the received partition area is compounded in a mobile device and is visualized by being partitioned again as four visible areas based on the display of a mobile device. Then, the area is managed by applying a caching algorithm in consideration of repetitiveness for a received map for the efficient operation of resources. Also, in order to prevent the delay in transmission time as regards the instance density area of the map, an adaptive map partition mechanism is proposed for maintaining the transmission time uniformly.