Monitoring System

Development of a Prototype System for Active Emergency Call Services

Jul. 2008. By Young-Sik Jeong

Keyword: u-Healthcare, Emergency call service, Realtime location trace monitoring, GML

Figure 1. The overall architecture of the ACE system.

This research designes and implemented the ACE(ACtive Emergency call service system) system for emergency call service actively. ACE system has two physical components; E-Device(Emergency Mobile Device) and E-Server(Emergency Server). The role of E-Device is the mobile device in order to call emergency by using mild handi-capped, the elderly and children who are able to communicate theirs intention to another. E-Server is the server for management E-devices with realtime monitering. E-Device will be developed to the portable size for easily mild handi-capped, the elderly and children. When they need the service of emergency call, the button of E-device can be used and the call signal is transmitted to the emergency office and the guardian through Internet and CDMA. E-server should be developed the integrated control system for management of E-Devices basically. And it also supported to realtime monitoring of E-devices with respect to high quality of emergency call service for rise the efficiency.