Grid Computing

3-Hierarchical resource management model on web grid service architecture

Dec. 2008. By Young-Sik Jeong

Keyword: Grid service, Hierarchical resource management, Grid resource allocation and management, Grid resource monitoring information visualization, Task allocation algorithm

Figure 1. Architecture of GridRMF and control flow.

This research develops a framework for efficient resource management within the grid service environment. For considering the grid service architecture and functions, the resource management is the most important to grid service; therefore, GridRMF (Grid Resource Management Framework) is modeled and developed in order to respond to such variable characteristics of resources as accordingly as possible. GridRMF uses the participation level of grid resource as a basis of its hierarchical management. This hierarchical management divides managing domains into two parts: VMS (Virtual Organization Management System) for virtual organization management and RMS (Resource Management System) for metadata management. VMS mediates resources according to optimal virtual organization selection mechanism, and responds to malfunctions of the virtual organization by LRM (Local Resource Manager) automatic recovery mechanism. RMS, on the other hand, responds to load balance and fault by applying resource status monitoring information into adaptive performance-based task allocation algorithm.