Mobile Cloud Computing

Visual Monitoring System of Multi-Hosts Behavior for Trustworthiness with Mobile Cloud

Jun. 2012. By Young-Sik Jeong

Keyword: Hardware Hardening, TPM, TPB, Mobile Cloud, System Behavior Monitoring, BiT Profiling

Figure 1. 802.1x system overview.

Recently, security researches have been processed on the method to cover a broader range of hacking attacks at the low level in the perspective of hardware. This system security applies not only to individuals' computer systems but also to cloud environments. "Cloud" concerns operations on the web. Therefore it is exposed to a lot of risks and the security of its spaces where data is stored is vulnerable. Accordingly, in order to reduce threat factors to security, the TCG proposed a highly reliable platform based on a semiconductor-chip, the TPM. However, there have been no technologies up to date that enables a real-time visual monitoring of the security status of a PC that is operated based on the TPM. And the TPB has provided the function in a visual method to monitor system status and resources only for the system behavior of a single host.

This research will propose a m-TMS (Mobile Trusted Monitoring System) that monitors the trusted state of a computing environment in which a TPM chip-based TPB is mounted and the current status of its system resources in a mobile device environment resulting from the development of network service technology. The m-TMS is provided to users so that system resources of CPU, RAM, and process, which are the monitoring objects in a computer system, may be monitored. Moreover, converting and detouring single entities like a PC or target addresses, which are attack pattern methods that pose a threat to the computer system security, are combined. The branch instruction trace function is monitored using a BiT Profiling tool through which processes attacked or those suspected of being attacked may be traced, thereby enabling users to actively respond.