Mobile Computing

FSH scheme for high-speed handover and anti-MITM on mobile computing

Oct. 2012. • By Young-Sik Jeong

Keyword: Mobile computing, Inter Access Point Protocol, Secure MITM, MITM, FSH

Figure 1. 802.1x system overview.

As an IEEE 802.11-based mobile computing system has been established as the base structure of high-speed wireless network, interest in mobility and security of mobile terminal has increased. To reinforce security, 802.1x and 802.11i using EAP were used in standardized instrument. But it was found to be unsuitable for real time multimedia service because of the time delay.

This research proposes Fast and Secure Handover (FSH) scheme which minimizes time delay in handover authentication process and prevents MITM (Man in the Middle) attack. This scheme carries out re-association process which is necessary for high-speed handover using Inter Access Point Protocol (IAPP) and Old_MSK. To make existing 802.1x-based user certification procedure suitable for high-speed handover, the terminal and pre-handover-accessed Old_AP make Rough_AP to prevent MITM. To do this, Old_AP uses the Old_MSK-used encrypted method which was used to encrypt MAC information of the mobile terminal and Old_AP. Hereby, FSH has been developed to become high-speed handover which has the 802.1x-supported security level and the skill of preventing MITM. This research, by simulation (NS-2), we confirmed the superiority in streaming service such as decreased handover time delay and VoIP.