Ubiquitous Computing

An efficient character input scheme with a gyro sensor of smartphone on ubiquitous cluster computing

Mar. 2015. By Young-Sik Jeong

Keyword: Smartphone, Secure information, Gyro sensor, Smart device, Character input method, Touch screen, Protection active media

Figure 1. System architecture for ubiquitous cluster computing environments.

Recently, smartphones have rapidly become popular and research has been actively conducted on methods of making the character inputs that are most frequently used more convenient and faster. However, although many character input schemes have been developed, time is required for users to learn character input methods and typing errors frequently occur. In addition, many touches and movements are required for character inputs and the touch recognition elements of touch screens that are not high pressure types involve great inconvenience for disabled persons or patients who cannot use their fingers properly, as they cannot input the appropriate characters.

In this research propose a virtual keyboard using a gyro sensor (VG), which is an efficient character input scheme, for protection active media. As characters are inputted by tilting the gyro sensor embedded in the smartphone in eight directions, the VG resolves the inconvenience related to character inputs of many previous push methods.