Cloud Computing

DIaaS: Resource Management System for the Intra-Cloud with On-Premise Desktops

Jan. 2017. By Young-Sik Jeong

Keyword: Resource management, Dynamic scheduling, Scalability, Availability, Intra-cloud, Infrastructure as a service, Cloud computing

Figure 1. Operational structure for resource requests on the infrastructure as a service with desktops (DIaaS).

Infrastructure as a service with desktops (DIaaS) based on the extensible mark-up language (XML) is herein proposed to utilize surplus resources. DIaaS is a traditional surplus-resource integrated management technology. It is designed to provide fast work distribution and computing services based on user service requests as well as storage services through desktop-based distributed computing and storage resource integration. DIaaS includes a nondisruptive resource service and an auto-scalable scheme to enhance the availability and scalability of intra-cloud computing resources. A performance evaluation of the proposed scheme measured the clustering performance time for surplus resource utilization. The results showed improvement in computing and storage services in a connection of at least two computers compared to the traditional method for high-availability measurement of nondisruptive services. Furthermore, an artificial server error environment was used to create a clustering delay for computing and storage services and for nondisruptive services. It was compared to the Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS).