Cloud Computing

Resource Utilization Scheme of Idle Virtual Machines for Multiple Large-Scale Jobs Based on OpenStack

Oct. 2019. By Young-Sik Jeong

Keyword: Cloud computing service, Distributed computing, Idle virtual machine, OpenStack, Computing resource

Figure 1. Basic operation diagram of idle virtual machine-resource utilization (IVM-ReU).

Cloud computing services that provide computing resources to users through the Internet also provide computing resources in a virtual machine form based on virtualization techniques. In general, supercomputing and grid computing have mainly been used to process large-scale jobs occurring in scientific, technical, and engineering application domains. However, services that process large-scale jobs in parallel using idle virtual machines are not provided in cloud computing at present. Generally, users do not use virtual machines anymore, or they do not use them for a long period of time, because existing cloud computing assigns all of the use rights of virtual machines to users, resulting in the low use of computing resources.

This research proposes a scheme to process large-scale jobs in parallel, using idle virtual machines and increasing the resource utilization of idle virtual machines. Idle virtual machines are basically identified through specific determination criteria out of virtual machines created using OpenStack, and then they are used in computing services. This is called the idle virtual machine-resource utilization (IVM-ReU), which is proposed in this study.