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Proactive Resource Autoscaling Scheme based on SCINet for High-performance Cloud Computing

Feb. 2023. By Young-Sik Jeong

Keyword: Cloud computing, Container resource autoscaling, Resource management, Time-series forecasting

Fig. 1. Scheme of High-Performance Resource Management (HiPerRM).

The container resource autoscaling technique provides scalability to cloud services composed of microservice architecture in a cloud-native computing environment. However, the service efficiency is reduced as the scaling is delayed because dynamic loads occur with various workload patterns. Furthermore, estimating the efficient resource size for the workload is difficult, resulting in resource waste and overload. Therefore, this study proposes high-performance resource management (HiPerRM), which stably and elastically manages container resources to ensure service scalability and efficiency even under rapidly changing dynamic loads. HiPerRM forecasts future workloads using a sample convolutional and interaction network (SCINet) model applied with the reversible instance normalization (RevIN) method. HiPerRM generates a resource request with an elastic size based on the forecasted CPU and memory usage, and then efficiently adjusts the pod’s resource request and the number of replicas via HiPerRM's VPA (Hi-VPA) and HiPerRM's HPA (Hi-HPA). As a result of evaluating the performance of HiPerRM, the average resource utilization was improved by approximately 3.96–34.06% compared to conventional autoscaling techniques, even when the resource size was incorrectly estimated for various workloads, and there were relatively fewer overloads.